Florida Governor Signs Bill Requiring Parental Consent for Abortions 

Bill SB 404 was passed by the Florida House and Senate back in February, and this month, Governor Ron DeSantis signed it into law. The bill mandates that parental consent must be given before a minor can obtain an abortion in the state. In addition to protecting teenagers from the abortion industry, the bill also includes strict penalties for abortionists who do not provide life-saving care to abortion survivors. 

Though the abortion industry continues to fight against even the slightest regulations, the well-documented history of Florida abortion clinics employing predatory abortionists proves why such restrictions are needed. Far from safeguarding women’s health, abortion facilities have failed to contact the authorities when victims of abuse or human trafficking are being coerced into the procedure. Parental consent laws offer minors an extra layer of protection by requiring additional reporting.

However, pro-choice groups like the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates have come out against the legislation. The organization claims the bill has made Florida a “dangerous place for young people.” 

Except the law follows a basic standard of consent that’s applicable to any medical procedure to be performed on a minor. Florida teenagers aren’t even allowed to use a tanning bed without their parents’ knowledge or permission. But the abortion lobby is insisting that minors are mature enough to have an abortion without their parents’ approval. 


Laws like SB 404 that impose restrictions on abortion are not cruel. One of the co-sponsors of the bill, state Rep. Erin Grall correctly referred to the passage of the parental consent law as “a win for Florida families.” In order to continue to safeguard families against the abortion industry, pro-life legislation is desperately needed. 

Pro-lifers need to act now. As the political sphere heats up the further we get into 2020, pro-life and pro-choice organizations are competing to get their preferred candidates elected.

Students for Life Action is taking the lead by hosting a deployment weekend to expand pro-life majorities this summer. If more pro-life laws are to be passed, then passionate campaigners need to work hard to get the right candidates into office.