Students for Life Action trains and mobilizes this generation of pro-life leaders to impact public policy and influence key elections in order to restrict & abolish abortion state by state. 

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Since 2006, Students for Life of America has trained more than 100,000 student activists nationwide and currently supports more than 1,250 Students for Life groups in all 50 states. Students for Life Action is deploying these energetic, passionate members of the Pro-Life Generation to the front-lines of the battlefield, where the abortion industry has identified they are the most vulnerable — state-level politics. Students for Life Action empowers and utilizes our pro-life movement’s best, untapped resource — an army of young people across the nation — to kick the abortion industry out of schools and ensure key state political victories to make abortion unprofitable, restrict abortion access, and prepare for a post-Roe America. 

Our strategy is simple: Elections. Laws. Leaders.


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Thank you to John Barsa, who is the acting USAID Deputy Administrator, for standing up for life!

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) joined the U.S. Departments of State, Defense, and Health and Human Services to release a second Review of the Implementation of the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance (PLGHA) Policy.

This policy aims to make sure that U.S. taxpayer funding does NOT support foreign non-governmental organizations that perform and/or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning.


The value of a life is not determined by location. Life in the womb is equally valuable as life outside of the womb. We must protect and defend all life, especially those lives that are vulnerable, because all lives are valuable. All lives are worthy. All lives have dignity. All lives deserve protection.

We are the pro-life generation and we will abolish abortion in our lifetime.

If we agree that life begins at conception, then those who are pro-life for themselves but pro-choice for others are essentially saying it is okay for others to kill, but they would not want to be personally responsible.

But abortion does not empower women.

@kristanmercerhawkins said that between the two movements, the pro-life movement is actually about empowering women. This is because while abortion teaches This is because while abortion teaches women they don’t have to choose between raising a child and fulfilling their goals in life.

“Abortion tells women, ‘No, you can't, you're not strong enough to finish your college degree and become a mother. You have to choose, pick one or the other.’ It's the very opposite of empowerment,” Hawkins said.

“What we fight for is not a repressing of women. It’s not women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen with no access to jobs or school or technology,” Hawkins said.

Abortion isn’t providing women choice and is a moral issue students need to be aware of — it perpetuates sexist mindsets that women aren’t capable of being a mother and a competent individual at the same time which hurts both women and children in the guise of being about choice.


We are grateful that @charlottepencebond is part of the #ProLifeGen. Like her father, Vice President Mike Pence, she is unapologetically pro-life!👏 ...

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