Announcing 2021 Virginia Deployments

Students For Life Action is mobilizing in Virginia in the Summer and Fall of 2021.

Virginia has competitive off-year elections for the House of Delegates that could decide the trajectory of the state. In fact, pro-abortion Democrats currently have a narrow majority of 55 to 45, meaning that Republicans would only need to gain 6 seats to gain control of this legislative chamber. Doing so would allow pro-lifers to stop the abortion lobby from enacting their agenda any further.

Students for Life Action currently has three deployments scheduled. Our deployments are opportunities to take action and mobilize in support of pro-life candidates across the commonwealth of Virginia. Students will be with SFLAction staff, and they’ll have their food, housing, and transportation covered.

As the general elections develop, we’ll select delegate races in Richmond, Northern Virginia, and Fredericksburg which are the most competitive and most in need of our support.

The deadline to register is Tuesday, June 15th, 2021.

Fill-out our form, and our staff will contact you about these opportunities.