There is Hope that Virginia Will Vote Pro-Life First!

The Pro-Life Generation is currently in Richmond, VA, canvassing to encourage pro-life voters to turn-out on Election Day November 3rd. Our top students in Virginia and across the country are coming together in hopes of making an impact in the 2020 elections.

While door-knocking in northern Richmond to campaign against Abigail Spanberger, the radically pro-abortion incumbent in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, one encounter stood out. Shiva, a staffer, and Ben, a student volunteer, knocked on the door of a man and his father.

Both men stated that they are pro-life and asked the team why they considered themselves pro-life. Shiva and Ben proceeded to explain the importance of valuing and protecting the unborn, as well as how science supports the position of life beginning at the moment of conception.

After they finished explaining, the father passionately replied, explaining that he believes the baby isn’t merely the mother and father’s child, but how that child also belongs to God, regardless of the circumstance in which the child was conceived. This man got so fired up while speaking Students for Life team, that he took the door hanger with Abigail Spanberger’s pro-abortion ideology and ripped it to pieces. 

It is safe to say that these two wonderful men will vote pro-life in the November election.

It will be a close election. According to our students on the ground, there seems to be an even split between pro-life and pro-abortion voters in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. But our students will keep informing voters on the importance of the pro-life movement and voting pro-life first!

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This is a guest article by Erin Jobes, a Students for Life Action Leader, and student at Germanna Community College.