Students for Life Action Plans to Canvass 100,000 Doors and Make 250,000 calls in State Legislative Races Convincing Pro-Life Voters to Show up on Election Day

Students for Life Action is announcing the launch of grassroots campaigns in six states to protect and gain pro-life majorities in state legislatures. Federal efforts underway will be detailed in the coming months. Student volunteers coordinated by SFL Action Captains plan to knock on 100,000 doors of voters identified as pro-life in the following six states: Arizona, North Carolina, New Mexico, Michigan, Minnesota, and Kansas. This effort began mid-June and continues through the election, engaging in both Democratic and Republican held seats, and some primary races as well.

Titus Folks, SFL Action National Campaigns Advisor, stated, “Our goal is to fill in a gap often left by other pro-life organizations that focus on the Presidential race, but ignore state legislative majorities that are actually in the business of passing the pro-life laws destined to protect the lives of women and their preborn children as well as challenge Roe v. Wade. Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice, and the ACLU are spending millions of dollars to control our state capitols. We must push back one voter at a time.”

SFL Action’s uniquely targets those on the fence when it comes to their party’s abortion policy. A Pew poll out this month reported that three in 10 or more Republican and Democratic voters don’t agree with their party on abortion. SFL Action in particular reaches out to those whose values are not reflected in policy.

The first campaign effort in Arizona launches this week, with a goal of knocking on 30,000 doors in support of pro-life candidates, both Republican and Democrat, between now and November 3rd. Arizona is an important state because of a narrow Republican majority that has not reliably passed pro-life legislation.

In 2019, two Republican State Senators Heather Carter and Kate McGee sided with Planned Parenthood to stop $7.5 million dollars from funding Pregnancy Resource Centers that support vulnerable pregnant women.

Pro-life activists worry that Arizona will be the next Virginia, a state in which decades of pro-life laws were reversed and replaced after the pro-life majority was wiped out in the 2019 election. To safeguard against this, Students for Life Action is supporting pro-life candidates in both major political parties in Arizona.

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