Students for Life Action Arrives in Michigan to Canvass in Support of Representative Bradley Slagh

The Pro-Life Generation is eager to support pro-life champions like Rep. Bradley Slagh who put their words int legislative action.”  said Titus Folks, SFL Action National Campaigns Advisor.  

GRAND RAPIDS, MI and FREDERICKSBURG, VA (7-10-2020) — Students for Life Action continued their summer deployment plan in to knock on 100,000 doors throughout the summer in pro-life state legislative races. They are now launching in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to support pro-life legislator Bradley Slagh.

Titus Folks, SFL Action National Campaigns Advisor, stated, “Representative Bradley Slagh has been a state representative for a little less than a year, but he has quickly made a name for himself as a pro-life champion in Michigan. He has almost two decades of experience in local government that has made him an effective legislator. In just over one year, he has sponsored legislation to ban dismemberment abortions (HB4320), ban abortion after the preborn baby has a heartbeat (HB4664), and he has sponsored abortion pill reversal legislation (HB5374).”

Because Rep. Bradley Slagh has such an unrivaled pro-life record, SFL Action will be canvassing 10,000 doors in support of him this summer for the GOP primary election August 4th.

Those interested in volunteering for the effort can go to:

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