Students For Life Action Announces Candidate Survey Results in Virginia Special Election

The Abortion Lobby wants taxpayer-funded abortion to be legal through all 9 months of pregnancy.

Here in Virginia, we’ve seen the damage they can do when they get their way.

Just last year, Virginia signed abortion legislation into law which removed virtually all existing pro-life laws, including controversial provisions to allow nurses to commit abortions.

Many politicians in Richmond want to go further this year and revive Delegate Kathy Tran’s abortion bill, which advocated for 3rd trimester abortion for any reason under the disguise of “mental health”.

That’s why Students for Life Action emailed Candidate Surveys to candidates running for legislative office in tomorrow’s Republican Party Canvass for Virginia’s State Senate District 38.

By returning their surveys to us, we know exactly which candidates truly oppose abortion so we can relay those results to you!

And in State Senate District 38, every Republican candidate running in tomorrow’s Party Canvass was willing to sign their name and pledge to vote 100% pro-life: Tamara Neo, Kimberely Lowe, Elijah Leonard, Jony Baker, and Travis Hackworth, and Chad Dotson.

While Jony Baker and Tamara Neo were the only ones who pledged cosponsor pro-life legislation, Tamara Neo went one step further than the field and pledged to be a pro-life champion by promising to cosponsor 12 different pro-life bills that are Students for Life Action priorities!

Virginia needs bold leaders who will fight to defend human life. As long as politicians refuse to oppose abortion, it will still be legal.

With each of the 6 candidates in tomorrow’s Republican Party Canvass pledging to vote pro-life, it’s now up to grassroots pro-life activists to hold the politicians’ feet to the fire in order to see abortion abolished.

That’s why we’re posting this blog.

Pro-life activists are seeking this kind of leadership across Virginia.

We intend to continue this survey program throughout the 2021 Elections season.

If politicians are not willing to put their name, in writing, in support of the preborn now while seeking your vote, can they be trusted when they’re speaking to abortion lobbyists from the safety of their offices at the Capitol?

Here is the link where you can find out if you are in the 38th State Senate District, and if so, below are the voting locations by County-

» Bland County Republican Party Headquarters 677 Main St., Bland
» Grundy Community Center, 22734 Cinema Drive, Highway 460, Grundy
» Dickenson County Republican headquarters 5309 Dickenson Highway, Clintwood
» New River Valley Fairgrounds, 5581 Fairgrounds Circle, Dublin
» Russell County Government Center parking lot, 139 Highland Drive, Lebanon
» Saltville Town Hall, 217 Palmer Ave., Saltville
» Tazewell County Fairgrounds, Fuller Perry building, 515 Fairgrounds Road, Tazewell
» The space next to Mullins Insurance Agency, 540B Park Ave., Norton