Students Take A Bold Stand, Testifying for LIFE In Washington State 

On the evening of Sunday, April 25th, the Washington State Legislature adjourned session for the year, and left us with some good news and some bad. HB 1141, an assisted suicide expansion, did not make it to the governor’s desk thanks to a wonderful group of disabilities rights and pro-life activists, including our students! HB 1009, a mandate for abortion to be included in student health plans, unfortunately did pass, was delivered to the governor, and is expected to be signed.  

Student Highlight 

On March 17th, at 8AM both HB 1009 and HB 1141 were heard. Karlie Lodjic, the Washington Regional Coordinator, had a conflicting event and was concerned that she couldn’t attend to testify. She reached out to Washington student leaders and not one, not two, but FOUR students stepped up to brave the new remote testimony in her stead. Matthew Guiher (Vancouver), Kathryn Amdahl (Spokane), Miles Wiley (Centralia), and Josiah Cowart (Seattle), who just took over leadership of his group this year, collaborated on their testimonies and explained to our Washington State legislators why students don’t want abortion in their health plans, and how killing is never the answer to our problems. 

 Moving Forward

Opposing pro-abortion legislation is not enough for pro-life students in Washington. The end of the legislative session does not mean these students take a break; instead they are continuing to do pro-life activism in the community. Since last month, students have visited over 4,000 doors in Tacoma to inform city residents about the pregnancy resources in the community and the danger of the abortion facility. They are also informing people about abortion through hosting tabletop displays, trainings, Planned Parenthood cross displays, and various other creative activities. 

Learn more about the mobilization and advocacy work of Students for Life Action, the 501(c)(4) sister organization of Students for Life of America, HERE.