‘Students Need To Intern At Planned Parenthood,’ Says Christian University President

Students for Life Action and our National Field Director sent a letter to Moravian College asking them to remove Planned Parenthood from their list of psychology internships on their website.  

Bryon Grigsby, the President of Moravian College, a Christian school in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, refused to remove Planned Parenthood as a psychology internship, saying: 

I am aware of the internship that our psychology students have available with Planned Parenthood, and I have checked with the senior leadership of the Moravian Church, and we have all agreed that we will continue to provide this educational option for our students for we believe it helps prepare them for the world they will face as practitioners of psychology. Moravians are unusual among Christian faiths in that they believe strongly in individual choice. 

No Christian college should allow students to intern at the nation’s largest abortion vendor. The organization that actively tells students that killing an innocent baby in abortion is fine. Moravian should be a voice that exposes this corrupt organization, not one that promotes and supports them.  

Pro-life activists are encouraged to contact the president of the college, urging the university to remove Planned Parenthood as an internship location and to come out in support of the dignity of all human life. You can take action using our Digital Action Center Simply click on the link to tell the president to rescind his support for abortion and Planned Parenthood.

SFL Action has been successful in removing pro-abortion links from a handful of universities, including: links from Lubbock Christian University, Clarks Summit University, Pepperdine UniversitySeattle UniversityWestmont College, the University of Findlay, Edgewood College, La Sierra University, Hanover College, and the College of Saint Scholastica. 

If your school is promoting Planned Parenthood, please reach out to Katie Lodjic at klodjic@studentsforlife.org today!