September National Call Day!

This Saturday, September 12thStudents For Life Action will be hosting a Pro-Life Generation National Call Day into Montana to ensure that pro-life voters show up to #voteprolifefirst in the upcoming November 3rd elections. 

We know that life is on the ballot in 2020.  In order to repeal Roe v Wade and give states the power to push back, we must keep a pro-life US Senate majority that will confirm President Trump’s judicial nominees. One of the most competitive US Senate Elections in in Montana with US Senator Steve Dainesone of the top pro-life champions in the US Senate. He is not only the Chair of the first ever Senate Pro-Life Caucus, but he has been the leader on virtually every major pro-life fight in the US Senate since he was elected.  

You can read more details here: 

So, on Saturday, September 12th, we will be hosting a National Call Day to encourage pro-lifers to get out and make our voice heard by November 3rd. If you’ve never made calls to voters before, don’t worry! These calls are an easy and effective way to reach voters. We’ll give you a script and a list of who to call in our app. You just need headphones and a computer or phone! 

We will even train you this Saturday via Zoom video call.  

Plan on hoping on our Zoom call anytime on Saturday between 12PM and 3PM Eastern Time to get trained and chat with other volunteers about calls, best practices, and their experiences.

If you join the Zoom call on Saturday to get trained or just check in with our team, there will be three ways you can win a $50 dollar gift-card!  

  1. Making the most calls!  
  2. Having the most conversations with voters! 
  3. Having the best conversation with voters! 

To sign up to make calls with our team, fill out the form below!  

Feel free to email our National Campaigns Advisor, Titus Folks, with any questions: