End Planned Parenthood’s Influence in Colleges

Students for Life Action is actively engaging in “Industry Impact” by working to end the abortion industry’s influence in schools and communities. Anything that directs business away from the abortion industry falls into the category of Industry Impact. As part of this activism, Students for Life Action is working to remove the abortion industry from Christian colleges and universities across the United States. We have sent letters to over 70 Christian schools asking them to cut ties with the abortion industry.  

Removing the abortion industry from colleges is important because we know that they target college-aged women. The Guttmacher Institute reports that women aged 18-24 make up 42% of abortions in the United States. This is precisely why Planned Parenthood is on so many college campuses. When a school cuts ties with the abortion industry and replaces them with life-affirming resources, Planned Parenthood’s target audience of college-aged women dwindles. With these life-affirming resources, young women are empowered to choose life and finish school!  

Our Victories So Far… 


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