Congress Members Ask DOJ for Update on Planned Parenthood Fetal Tissue Monetization Investigation

A groundbreaking investigation in 2015 conducted by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) exposed Planned Parenthood’s illegal trafficking of aborted baby body parts. In response to these shocking videos, both the House of Representatives and the Senate began investigating the abortion provider and their partnership with various fetal tissue procurement companies. This resulted in 15 criminal and regulatory referrals against Planned Parenthood, as well as other abortion clinics and procurement agencies. 

Based on little evidence, Planned Parenthood claimed the videos were “deceptively edited,” and they sued the journalists responsible for the footage. But a series of new videos released by CMP on May 26 and June 30 show Planned Parenthood executives testifying under oath to selling the parts of aborted children. The previously unseen testimony also shows Planned Parenthood admitting to infanticide. 


Congressman Ralph Norman from South Carolina was followed by over 60 Members of Congress in writing a letter to Attorney General William Barr. In this joint effort, the members of Congress requested information regarding the Department of Justice investigation into Planned Parenthood. The letter specifically asks Barr to “provide a written update on the status of criminal referrals, including referrals of Planned Parenthood affiliates, made by the House Select Panel on Infant Lives.”


“How long will public authorities permit Planned Parenthood and their associates to sell living children inside and outside the womb and then kill them through organ harvesting?” David Daleiden, the head of CMP asked. “The DOJ has vigorously prosecuted the sale of eagle body parts. Surely selling human body parts after cutting them out of an infant with a beating heart is at least as grave of a crime.”

Despite the accusations of violating human dignity, Planned Parenthood has $1 billion in assets, and they receive over $600 million in taxpayer funding