Christian College Will No Longer Promote Planned Parenthood As A Career Opportunity

Hanover College, a Presbyterian school in Hanover, Indiana, removed Planned Parenthood from their list of career opportunities for the sociology and anthropology major.

This came after Students for Life Action sent a letter to Hanover College asking them to remove Planned Parenthood from the list of sociology and anthropology career opportunities on their website.

We have sent over 70 letters to Christian schools urging them to cut ties with the abortion industry.

Peter Ashley, the Vice President for Communications and Marketing at Hanover, responded and told Students for Life Action, “That [the] page was quite outdated and was using data from an older Ohio State University study of alumni. There were multiple errors on the page as well, and we have updated it.”

We have found that many Christian universities are unaware of Planned Parenthood being on their website. This is why it is so important for pro-life students to be research their college websites and not be afraid to inform their administration that Planned Parenthood is being promoted on the school website.

This victory follows other wins at Lubbock Christian University, Clarks Summit University, Pepperdine University, the University of Findlay, Seattle University, Westmont College, Edgewood College, the College of Saint Scholastica and La Sierra University.