Announcing Michigan Pro-Life Canvassing Trip

The weekend of July 10th through 12th, Students For Life Action will be hosting a Pro-Life Generation Canvassing Trip to ensure that pro-life voters show up to #VoteProlifeFirst in the upcoming Republican and Democratic state legislative primaries.

The abortion industry has targeted Michigan to flip the slim pro-life majority in the state legislature to pro-abortion in an attempt to stop all future legislation that would impose common-sense restrictions on abortionists.

Pro-life activists are worried that this would result ina loss like we saw in the state of Virginia, where one bad election led to the reversal of 20 years of pro-life victories.

Students For Life Action is committed to protecting pro-life champions as well as holding  pro-abortion politicians accountable.

The trip will take place in Grand Rapids, Michigan and will be centered around voter education with door to door canvassing and calls.

Sign-up here and our Regional Coordinator Emily Stumpo will reach out to you with more information!

Pro-Life Generation Canvassing Trip